30 Before 30

On Saturday I turned 27. Not only did this terrify me slightly (seriously, where does the time go?!) it also evoked me to reflect on how much I've accomplished this past decade and what I'd like to achieve in the coming years. Therefore, in honour of entering my late twenties, I thought I'd put together a bucket list of things I'm hoping to fulfill before I hit the big 3-0.

I've accompanied this post with a few pictures from my birthday day out. My mom and I spent the afternoon wandering around Powis Castle before enjoying afternoon tea in a nearby cafe. I'm a total Grandma at heart (as I'm sure you're all aware of by now) so for me it was the perfect way to celebrate!

30 BEFORE 30

  • Treat myself to something designer
  • Start taking ballet classes again (I stopped dancing in my early twenties and would love to get back into it)
  • Stay in a haunted house overnight
  • Grow my hair
  • Skydive 
  • Start writing the novel I've been planning for years
  • Give blood
  • Learn French (at least to a conversational level)
  • Practice meditation
  • Blog consistently

  • Make macarons 
  • Read more classics 
  • Have my fortune told (just for fun)
  • Learn to manage my money better and start saving properly!
  • Find my dream job 
  • See more of Europe - I'm still yet to visit Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bruges and Copenhagen, to name a few!
  • Start my own business or 'side hustle' 
  • Get more piercings in my ears 
  • Be more productive on my days off 
  • Go out for breakfast more often

  • Go on a road trip
  • Zip line
  • Continue to work on my photography and improve my skills 
  • Find an exercise regime that works for me 
  • Make my bed more often (and just try and be tidier in general!)
  • Go on a walking holiday
  • Own a piece of antique jewellery 
  • Enter a writing competition/submit more pieces to magazines
  • Go see The Lion King on the West End 
  • Return to Australia and see the rest of the east coast and the outback 

What's on your bucket list? x

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