Five Minute Face (a 'No make-up' make-up look)

As a make-up obsessive and lover of full coverage, I never thought I'd be one to sport the 'natural look.' When I was younger I was always rocking several layers of Double Wear, a red lip and winged liner, even if I was just popping to the shops. Fast-forward several years and while I still love to wear a full face for nights out/special occasions, my day-to-day routine is a lot simpler.

This mainly has to do with the fact that I'm much more confident with my skin than I used to be - in my late teens and early twenties I suffered with cystic acne which made me horribly self-conscious. Fortunately, in recent years my complexion has been much, much clearer (thank you, Yasmin!) meaning I no longer feel the need to reach for fuller-coverage foundations.

Nowadays, if I'm just heading out for lunch or I'm shopping for the day, I try to wear as little make-up as possible because a) I'm lazy and b) I like to let my skin breathe!

So, to start, I'll carry out my morning skincare routine and then slather myself in Charlotte Tilbury's Wonderglow. This really lifts my complexion and leaves it looking healthy and radiant. I'll then go in with a tinted moisturiser - at the moment I tend to chop and change between Charlotte's Healthy Glow and the Clarins Radiance Boosting Base. If I feel I need a little extra coverage I'll add a touch of concealer - either the Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher or Maybelline's Age Rewind.

Australian sunshine has given me my first ever natural tan (hallelujah), meaning I haven't been wearing as much bronzer as I usually do. I still love a good highlight, however! To give my complexion a bit of a glow I run Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Beauty Light Wand along my cheekbones and down the centre of my nose. I either blend it out with a buffing brush, or if I'm feeling especially lazy, my fingers.

For eyes, I tend to just curl my lashes during the day rather than wear mascara. My favourites are by Shu Uemura which I've mentioned numerous times on my blog over the years - they're absolutely amazing and are 100% worth the price tag. I've also recently got into the habit of getting my lashes tinted which I think makes a huge difference. As for brows, I just try to keep them nice and groomed. If I have time I'll pop a bit of product through them but usually I let them do their own thing.

I suffer from chapped lips all year round so keeping them hydrated is essential! Lush Lip Scrubs are incredible at removing dead skin and they're super cheap at £5 each (plus, they taste amazing). Once I'm done exfoliating I'll slather on plenty of lip balm. I usually just go for good old-fashioned Carmex - not the most luxurious of products but it does the job!

One last thing I always do when I'm planning on wearing minimal make-up is put earrings in. Sounds silly but I always feel 'put together' when I'm wearing jewellery. A pretty pair of studs or hoops brightens up your complexion and makes you look that little bit more glam - no one will ever guess you got ready in five minutes!

What are your must haves for a 'no make-up' make-up look? x

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  1. This all sounds sooo lovely! I just received my first Charlotte Tillbury product for Christmas and am in LOVE with it. I haven't tried any Shu Uemura makeup products yet, but I am obsessed with their haircare.

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s