My Must Haves From Charlotte Tilbury - Part 1

It's no secret that I'm a HUGE Charlotte Tilbury fan. My obsession with her products began around two years ago and since then I've managed to build up a pretty extensive collection. A make-up artist to the stars for over twenty years, Charlotte launched her own line in 2013. With its glamorous rose-gold packaging and luxe ingredients, it's easy to see why it's so popular with celebrities, bloggers and beauty lovers alike. Today I thought I'd share with you a few of my personal favourites from the brand (a list so long it's had to be split into two posts... eek!)

As I touched on Charlotte's skincare quite recently here, I decided to just focus on make-up for today.

Wonder Glow. Charlotte describes this award-winning beauty balm as '8 Hours Sleep in a Bottle.' Claiming to perfect skin tone and provide the complexion with a luminous glow, Wonderglow is fabulous for bringing dull, dry skin to life. I love using it as a primer for my foundation - it smooths out any pores and helps my make-up sit better and last longer.

Wonderglow can also be worn alone or on top of foundation as an illuminator.

Magic Foundation. I never thought I'd find a foundation I loved more than Double Wear - which I'd been using religiously for almost five years - until I discovered Magic. A medium to full coverage with a demi-matte finish, this disguises any blemishes/redness perfectly without leaving my skin feeling heavy.

Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder. This is the softest powder I've ever used. It's talc free and enriched with rose wax and almond oil, meaning it's a dream for dry/dehydrated skin. It sets my base beautifully, providing my skin with a silky, poreless finish.

Unisex Healthy Glow. As a lover of full-coverage, I've never been one for tinted moisturisers. However, I was after something light to wear on my days off and was drawn to Healthy Glow after reading so many good reviews. I always get compliments when I wear this - it blurs imperfections and provides a subtle amount of colour whilst still looking nice and natural. I apply a pea-sized amount (always with fingers - no brushes needed here!) and follow with a dab of concealer for a fresh, sun-kissed look.

'Ibiza' Beach Stick. I'd been using the Smashbox Contour Sticks for years until I discovered this beauty. 'Ibiza' is the perfect cream bronzer. It looks quite scary when you first apply it but it blends effortlessly into a soft sheen of colour. I pop a small amount on my jawline, temples and just underneath my cheekbones to add warmth and definition to my base. I like to pair it with a powder bronzer for a more sculpted look but you can wear it alone if you favour a subtle contour.

Cheek to Chic Blush. I hadn't used blush for years until I started working in beauty - I soon learnt how it can soften your contour/highlight and help balance your make-up. I was always a sucker for peachy, coral shades so I decided to try Charlotte's Cheek to Chic in 'Ecstasy.' The inner shade of the blush is for emphasizing the apple of your cheek while the outer shade helps blend the product upwards (Charlotte calls this the 'Swish and Pop' technique). The result? A super flattering flush of colour.

Lipsticks. Charlotte's lipsticks have developed a bit of a cult following and it isn't difficult to see why. With their buttery formula and flawless finish, they're the perfect addition to any make-up bag. If I'm feeling a nude I'll reach for Kim KW or Penelope Pink, whereas if a fancy a bit of colour I love Hot Emily or Tell Laura.

Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes. Charlotte's eyeshadow palettes are an absolute dream to use - they're super pigmented and soft as butter. Not to mention the shades! My favourites are the Dolce Vita (warm bronze tones with a hint of copper) and the Vintage Vamp (rich plums featuring a rose gold glitter), both of which look incredible on any eye colour. The little quads are also really handy for travelling - a refreshing change from the huge Morphe palettes I used to lug around!

Full Fat Lashes Mascara. I used to be a drugstore girl through and through when it came to mascara - I thought the premium brands were all a waste of money. That is until I discovered Charlotte's offering. This provides my lashes with amazing length and definition without flaking or appearing clumpy. It's also one of the very few mascaras that doesn't transfer on me - I couldn't be without it!

Filmstar Bronze and Glow. And now for the Star of the Show! If I was forced to pick, I'd say this was my all-time favourite Tilbury product. From the ultra-sleek packaging - which was inspired by a 1920's cigarette packet - to the silky formula, this is a must have for any make-up junkie. I start by sculpting my face with the bronzer (it glides effortlessly onto the skin without looking muddy or orange) before dusting the highlight onto my cheekbones and down the centre of my nose. It's absolutely fool proof - so easy to use - and gives the most amazing results. It's the perfect finish to my base.

Part two coming very soon! x


  1. I love Charlotte Tilbury, and it's always interesting to see what other people think! I've got the Magic Foundation too, the coverage is amazing and the finish on the skin is super pretty. The Filmstar Bronze and Glow is a gorgeous product, I should swatch it and see if I like it!

    Julia x
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  2. These all such amazing products! I am very loyal to most of my makeup brands, but may need to venture off to try some of these!

  3. I love charlotte tilbury- tbh my must haves are everything haha. But i especially love her mascaras and bronzer and highlighter and like everyone else and to repeat what you said here... her lipsticks are everything!

  4. I loved this post so much, I think I'm going to buy the wonder glow now xx

  5. I haven't yet tried Charlotte Tilbury, but I've seen so much about this brand and the products look like they're top quality! The lipsticks are beautiful especially the nude shade xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

  6. I haven't tried Charlotte Tilburry yet but I've been wanting to try their lipsticks! And I also love their elegant packaging :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  7. I want this makeup organizer. xox

    Your blog is interesting!! Informative!!
    ♡Beauty Drugs♡ ♡ Stay in touch. ♡ Love xoxox