The Pros and Cons of Living Alone

It's been nearly ten months since I uprooted my life; leaving my family home in Staffordshire for my little flat in Newcastle. Living alone has been a huge learning curve for me and while it's tough at times, I've never been so liberated. I felt slightly isolated at first due to the fact I'd moved to a new city where I had no friends or family, but I soon came to realise what a luxury it can be to live alone and my flat has now become my little sanctuary! Here are a few things I've discovered on my journey as an independent woman (ha, cringe)...

  • There's no one around to judge. Want to order a pizza at 10am? Or sit around in your pants stuffing your face with chocolate digestives? Go ahead. No one's going to lecture you about calories or cock their head and ask, "aren't you on a diet?"
  • Horror movies are a no-no. Nothing like watching a slasher flick at the cinema only to remember you're heading home to an empty house. Gulp.
  • Hangovers/sick days are 10x worse. You'll be holding your own hair back and making your own cups of tea. 
  • No one moans about your dirty dishes. There won't be any passive-aggressive notes pinned to the fridge if you're in a rush and have to leave your breakfast bowl until later. 
  • You don't have to deal with any one else's mess. Knowing I'll be returning from work to find everything exactly as I left it is the best feeling.
  • You don't have to fight anyone for the remote. Want to binge watch your favourite series in one sitting? Knock yourself out.
  • EVERYTHING is more expensive. I die a little inside every time my council tax comes out.
  • You can spend as long as you like in the shower. Well, not too long (see above point).
  • You have to learn to do everything by yourself. From zipping up your jumpsuit, to fake tanning your back, to dealing with spiders, to opening super tight jars. 
  • The amount of parcels you miss is ridiculous. Hello, two mile trek to the nearest post office depot. 
  • The fear of leaving your straighteners on is increased tenfold. Along with the panic of locking yourself out.
  • You have free reign when it comes to blog photography. No one's going to give you funny looks for spreading your flat-lay props all over the kitchen floor.
  • It can get boring. One thing I really miss about having flatmates is always having someone around to chat to and laugh with. I'm a sociable person and the days I have no plans I can get bored pretty quickly. 
  • You can really unwind. By the same token, it's sometimes nice to come home and shut your door to the outside world. My job involves talking to other people all day, every day so I do cherish my 'me' time. I love returning from work and running myself a bath, sticking a film on and just enjoying the solitude. Bliss! 

Have you ever lived alone? What did you love/loathe about it? x


  1. Heck. Yes.

    Good luck with this new chapter and enjoy every moment : )

    Faded Windmills

  2. I love the idea of living alone, to be honest. Not sure how I'll deal with spiders, though!

    1. Haha, fortunately the spiders here are few and far between. I'm not sure I'd be able to live alone in Australia! x

  3. Horror movies have ALWAYS been a big no for me, and that last point does sound like absolute bliss! I love being alone and in solitude like that. It could get lonely I imagine, but at least relaxing days become a lot more relaxing.
    I loved reading this! I'm gonna be living alone starting next year, so this was really fascinating and informative to read, because of how you mentioned details like opening tight jars. (Should I be worried? Hahaha) At least I know a little of what to expect now. <3 Thanks so much for writing!

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

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