Nights In

For as long as I can remember, I've been a bit of a homebody. When I was in my teens I never used to be into going out as much as my friends, and I'd worry I was going to feel left out or that people would think I was boring. Even though I enjoy nights out more now I'm at uni, I've come to realise that preferring to stay in on a Saturday evening is nothing to be ashamed of. After spending all day at work, there is nothing I enjoy more than logging into Netflix, painting my nails and flicking through a magazine - all the while treating myself to copious amounts of junk food, of course. 

Ever since I started blogging I've enjoyed staying in even more. I really look forward to coming home and checking my Bloglovin feed, writing posts and gathering inspiration for future content. Due to having uni work and a job, I don't have as much time as I'd like for my hobby, so I do cherish those evenings where I have a couple of hours to myself to do whatever I like. It's the perfect way to de-stress and unwind after a long day. 

Here are a few of my must haves for the perfect night in: 

iPad or laptop (for blogging, online shopping, Facebook stalking) // nail polish // takeaway food // chocolate // face mask of choice (pamper necessity) // scented candles // trashy magazines // bed socks // hot water bottle // extra blankets

Does anyone else often choose staying in over going out? What are your necessities for a cosy night in?


  1. Staying is a definite winner for me! I'll get some fluffy slippers on, a good cup of hot chocolate and orange is the new black on netflix, whilst wearing a dressing gown in bed. Double comfort!

  2. Ahh this is such a cute post! I couldn't agree more, I absolutely love curling up in bed with a hot water bottle and putting a film on, with a takeaway as well if I'm feeling naughty! One necessity I could add to the list is a Disney film :)

    she dreams

  3. I am a home body too! I love sitting in my room with candles on cuddled into my bed and binge watching netflix :)
    xx Rena
    Kiss and Make Up- Beauty Blog
    Fill In The Blank- Lifestyle Blog

  4. I love cozy nights in too :) Candles, Netflix and a bath are definitely my essentials :P
    Ana Céline Labod

  5. I'm definitely a homebody too, but I do love a night out from time to time! :) x

    I've got a giveaway over on my blog that is nearly over, if you want to check it out :)

  6. Love this post! Such a cute picture, too. I'm also a homebody, and thats ok!

  7. Great post! I love nights in maybe a biiit too much. Nothing like a film and pamper night whilst eating chocolate!

    Love M

  8. I love a night in as well! It's even better now that the weather has turned and it's starting to rain every night.

    xo T.

  9. Lovely post! I love staying in, it's sometimes even better than going out!