E.L.F Haul

I've ordered from E.LF once or twice in the past and I'm always impressed with the quality of their products, so when their website held a free delivery promotion recently I decided to treat myself. If you're a poor student like me, E.LF is the perfect place to shop when you're trying to save a few pennies - I picked up five products for a grand total of £18.75, which in my opinion is a total bargain! Here's what I purchased: 

Blush in 'Mellow Mauve,' £3.75. First off, I love the sleek, black packaging for this - it reminds of the Nars blushers. Kudos to E.LF for providing a handy mirror too (something high end brands often skimp on). The colour is a deep pink-plum colour - perfect for Autumn/Winter - and the pigmentation is fantastic. The product also provides the perfect amount of shimmer - I often find cheaper blushers contain quite a lot of glitter, but this is nice and subtle and thankfully doesn't highlight the pores on my cheeks. The only con I can think of is that the texture is a little powdery, but for the price I'm willing to forgive this!

Lip Exfoliator, £3.75. I can honestly say I don't know how I've been surviving without this - it's fantastic! Infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba oils, it nourishes and conditions my dry lips better than any balm I've ever tried. I've been applying it generously before bed and throughout the day whenever I feel my pout needs a pick-me-up, and my lips have never been happier. I'll definitely be repurchasing this in the future! 

Moisturising Lipstick in 'Coral Cutie,' £3.75. Another product that's perfect for dry lips - this applies beautifully and doesn't cling or tug on any flaky patches. I thought the pigmentation would be a bit rubbish but I was surprised to find the colour pay off is lovely and rich. I think this shade would be perfect for Spring/Summer. 

Flawless Concealer Brush, £3.75. After reading glowing reviews on this brush I couldn't resist popping it into my basket. While it does a nice job of buffing in my concealer, I don't think it beats blending with my fingers. I find it's great for eyeshadow, though, so I won't be neglecting it just yet.

Maximum Coverage Concealer in 'Sand,' £3.75. I didn't really need another concealer but I was curious to see how this compared to my current favourites. Unfortunately I wasn't overly impressed - I found it a little hard to blend and the coverage isn't as good as I'd hoped. However I've read countless positive reviews for this product, so if you think you might get along with it it's worth picking up for the price. 

Overall I found this to be a very successful little haul. Despite being disappointed with the brush and the concealer, I'm in the love with the lipstick, exfoliator and the blush. If you've never ordered anything from E.L.F before I'd definitely recommend having a look - it's fantastic for if you're on a budget. They always holding discounts and promotions too, so be sure to keep and look out and take advantage!


  1. I really need to try some stuff from ELF soon! I'm always looking on the website but I've never got round to making an order. This stuff looks great.

    Katie | and-katie.com

  2. Love ELF. Such good quality but so wallet friendly. I really want to try the Lip Exfoliator. xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  3. I pretty much only use MAC and NARS, thanks for sharing

  4. Lovely purchases! The lip exfoliator looks really interesting!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  5. I just recently had me ELF virginity taken, even though in my eyes you can never beat MAC and Benefit they do some really nice stuff, I love their eye shadows!!


  6. Love your blog! Nice photos! Cute layout , too. If you're on blog lovin, follow me so I can follow all your posts! Xoxo -- Rubideux.blogspot.com