My Newfound Love for Audio Books

Audio books weren't something I was ever interested in until recently. I've always favoured reading a physical book over anything else, which is why I never really understood the Kindle hype. However, as someone who overthinks a fair bit and finds it hard to unwind sometimes, I figured having something to listen to and concentrate on might help me let go of my thoughts for a while and relax.

I downloaded the Audible app onto my phone along with the first four Harry Potter books. My mom read them to me back when I was really young so I thought they'd be good for pulling at the old nostalgia strings! Half an hour into The Philosopher's Stone and I was hooked. Stephen Fry is an amazing narrator - he tells the story with such flair and creativity; not to mention he's incredible at accents and voicing all the different characters - he sounds identical to Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid!

I've had this on constantly for the past few days - whilst eating breakfast, commuting, doing housework and settling down to sleep. I've found it so soothing and therapeutic, especially when I'm in the bath! It'll prove handy when I'm on the train, too - the journey from Newcastle to Wolverhampton is mind-numbingly tedious, and reading often gives me a headache while I'm travelling, so I'm glad I've finally found something to pass the time and keep my mind occupied.

Are you a fan of Audio books? Do you have any recommendations for me? x


  1. We (as in my sister, little brother, and I) used to listen to audiobooks *all* the time when we were younger, and I wasn't able to get to sleep without listening to a story till I was about 16 because of them ha. You should look up: Winnie the Pooh narrated by Alan Bennett (just the best. So funny, and also just quite soothing to listen to. Recently, when I've had a migraines, I've listened to these very very quietly, just to give me something to focus on other than the sore-ness, and it helps); the Just William stories narrated by Martin Jarvis (so so so so so so so good. They are hilarious stories, and he does fantastic voices); also the Jeeves books also narrated by Martin Jarvis are good and very funny. (Basically anything read out by Martin Jarvis....); the Secret Life of Bees is another good one (I read the book rather than listened to it, but my mum loved the audio book. It's such a lovely story as well).

    Harry Potter is so easy to get 'lost' inside, so that's a good one to start with :)


    1. Thank you for your recommendations, Melissa! I'll definitely check them out :) x

  2. I always forget audiobooks are an option. I reckon they'd be a good way to entertain myself on flights when reading makes me nauseous!